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Can You Get Social Security Benefits and Workers’ Comp at the Same Time?

Social Security Benefits | Spiro K Pistiolas

Workers who get hurt on the job may wonder if they can get Social Security Disability (SSD) and workers’ compensation (WC) benefits. The answer is not set in stone; it depends on the situation. Here’s how these two programs work and what you need to do to ensure you get the benefits you rightfully deserve.

What Are Social Security Benefits for SSD?

Social Security benefits are a type of financial help from the U.S. government that is available to people who qualify. Benefits from Social Security Disability (SSD) can help pay for living costs and help with money during retirement.

You must have contributed to the Social Security Benefits system through payroll taxes to get SSD payments. When you reach retirement age, you will start getting SSD benefits if you are eligible. Social Security Benefits are based on how much money you’ve made in the past and are given to you every month.

SSD benefits can be a good source of income during retirement, but it’s important to remember that they’re not meant to replace your real income. SSD benefits aim to add to other sources of income, like pensions or savings.

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a system in the U.S. and many other countries that helps workers who get hurt or get sick at work. The state government often runs the program as one of its social assistance initiatives.

WC programs are meant to protect workers and their families from having to pay for injuries and illnesses that happen at work. Benefits include medical costs, lost income, and even death. Workers’ compensation is usually required in most places, so employers must cover their workers.

Can You Get Both SSD And WC At The Same Time?

You might be curious about receiving Social Security disability payments and workers’ compensation if you cannot work due to a work-related illness or injury. It might be the solution. Everything depends on the specifics of your circumstance.

For example, if you get workers’ compensation for an injury you got at work, you won’t be able to get Social Security Benefits. Workers’ compensation is meant to replace your income while you can’t work, and you can only get Social Security disability benefits if your disability isn’t related to your job.

But if your disability isn’t related to your job, you might be able to get help from both Social Security Benefits and workers’ compensation. But you can only get a limited amount from either program.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting SSD and WC At The Same Time?

Getting both Social Security Disability(SSD) and Workers’ Compensation benefits simultaneously has some important benefits.

  • For one thing, it can give you a more stable source of income. The two benefits can often replace a greater percentage of your lost wages than either benefit would on its own.
  • Another key benefit is that it can speed up the process of getting your benefits. If approved for SSD, your WC benefits usually start within a few weeks. However, if you are approved for WC first, your SSD benefits may not start for several months.
  • Getting both benefits can also help you cover more of your medical expenses. SSD will typically cover a portion of your medical bills, while WC will usually cover the rest. It can be a big help if you have a lot of medical expenses related to your work injury.

How Can You Get SSD and WC At The Same Time?

This question doesn’t have a single answer because the best way to get SSD and WC depends on your situation. But by adhering to a few broad guidelines, you can raise your chances of obtaining both advantages. 

  • Check to determine if you are eligible for both programs first. To get SSD, you must have a qualifying disability; to get WC, you must have a work-related injury or illness.
  • Next, file your claim for SSD as soon as you become disabled. You can do this online by filing a social security disability form or by calling the Social Security Administration. You must submit a claim to your state’s workers’ compensation board to get Workers’ compensation.
  • Finally, follow all the instructions and deadlines for both programs. Your claim can be rejected if you miss a deadline or forget to submit the necessary documentation.

Contact Us At Pistiolas Law In the end, if you get hurt at work, you can get both Social Security Benefits and WC simultaneously. But the process can be hard to understand, so you should talk to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to help you through it. At Pistiolas Law, we’ve helped many people get the benefits they deserve. To learn how we can assist you, contact us or call us at (844) 414-1768 immediately.

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