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Workplace Injuries: What NOT to do if you get a work injury?

Workplace Injuries | Attorney Spiro K. Pistiolas

You’re working hard on a construction site, and suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your arm. You think you may have injured yourself, and you are unsure what to do. It is essential to know the steps you should not take if you get injured at work to protect your rights and receive the medical attention you need.

Hence, in this blog post, we will be discussing what NOT to do if you get a work injury. It is an important topic, as many people often make mistakes following an accident to further damage. Let’s get started!

What not to do in case of a Work Injury?

People do many things that can harm their work injury claim. Some of the most common items are :

  1. Failing to document the injury as quickly as possible.

If you get injured at work, it’s vital to report the harm as quickly as possible. Not only is it the law in most states, but failing to report the damage can also harm your work injury claim.

Reporting the injury as soon as possible allows your employer to investigate the incident and determine whether any safety measures need to get implemented. It also allows you to start receiving workers’ compensation benefits right away. If you delay reporting the injury, you could lose out on essential benefits.

  1. Not seeking proper medical attention

If you get injured at work, you may get tempted to tough it out and not seek medical attention. It is a mistake that can seriously harm your work injury claim.

There are a few reasons why seeking medical attention is vital in a work injury case.

First, your employer will likely argue that the injury was not due to the work accident. If you have no documentation or evidence of the damage, proving that the accident was responsible will be much more challenging.

Second, if you do not seek medical attention, the insurance company may argue that your injuries were not as severe as you claim.

Third, you will have to endure unnecessary pain.

  1. Discussing the accident with coworkers

If you get injured at work, you may tell your coworkers one of the first things you may do. You may also want to tell your boss. However, it would be best not to discuss the accident with anyone else, including your family and friends. Why?

When you discuss the accident with coworkers, you open yourself up to accusations that you were somehow at fault. Your coworkers may also give inaccurate information to insurance investigators. It can harm your claim and hinder you from getting your deserved compensation.

  1. Not keeping track of time missed from work.

If you have gotten injured at work, it is imperative to keep track of the time you missed from work. It is because your employer may try to argue that you could have returned to work earlier than you did. If you can show that you made a reasonable faith effort to return to work but were not able to, then you will have a stronger case for workers’ compensation.

  1. Lying to your employer about the cause of the injury

Workers’ compensation fraud is a severe crime in most states. It can include lying to your employer about the cause of the injury, exaggerating the severity, or receiving workers’ compensation benefits while working.

If you get injured at work, it is essential, to be honest with your employer and file a workers’ compensation claim. Lying to your employer about the cause of the injury can harm your claim and lead to criminal charges.

  1. Lying to your Workers’ Compensation Attorney.

If you get injured at work, your workers’ compensation attorney will likely advise you not to lie to them about the accident. However, some people do choose to lie anyway. It can be a big mistake. There are several reasons why lying to your workers’ compensation attorney can harm your work injury claim.

First, if your attorney finds out that you lied, they may decide to withdraw from your case. It could leave you without any representation during the legal proceedings.

Second, if you lie to your attorney and later get caught, this could seriously damage your case. The insurance company will be well within its rights to deny your claim.

If you plan to file a Work Injury Claim, refer here to widen your knowledge on the topic.

If you make any of the mistakes mentioned above, you could risk your case and end up with a lower settlement. For more information, please visit our website at Pistiolas Law or give us a call at (844) 414-1768 today. We would be glad to speak about your case with you and assist you in getting the reimbursement you deserve.

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