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Examples of Workers Comp Fraud for Work Injury in California

An Overview Of Workers Comp Fraud Examples in California | Pistolas

Workers comp scams differ depending on the sector, worksite, and workplace. Workers’ compensation fraud affects individuals in the construction sector. Workers comp fraud costs American firms over $30 billion a year, estimated by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Companies should better comprehend common workers’ compensation fraud examples in order to prevent themselves from workers’ compensation fraud and limit financial consequences.

Listed are types of workers compensation fraud that are common examples of worker’s comp fraud in California

  • Personal Time Fraud
    This is known in the industry as “Weekend Warrior fraud,” and it occurs when someone injures oneself on the weekend or on their personal time, only to claim the injury or illness occurred while they were at work. Companies must conduct extensive incident investigations to authenticate the circumstances of any workplace injury, covering everything from how the injury occurred to contacting potential witnesses who might validate the claim.
  • Double Dippers
    This occurs when a worker receives temporary disability benefits while concurrently working and earning a paycheck. This payment is usually provided by a third party who filed a workers’ compensation claim lawsuit. This sort of false workers comp claims can have a negative impact on a firm in several manners, such as when a worker ignores the advice of their physician and stays at home till they can come back securely. The worker may wind up overexerting oneself, exacerbating their injury.
  •  Medical Provider Fraud
    When medical providers are involved, workers’ compensation fraud can occur. In rare cases, dishonest medical practitioners may falsify or fabricate medical bills in the hope that the workers’ compensation insurance carrier will cover the overall cost.
  • Exaggerating the Injury
    An employee who fakes a workplace injury or disease or overstates its seriousness constitutes one of the greatest forms of workers’ compensation fraud. If an employee claims that their back discomfort is so terrible that they’ve become incapable to climb out of bed, this occurs. If proven guilty of filing a false workers compensation claim workers might be subjected to criminal penalties, punishments, and other sanctions, including having to reimburse the insurer for all the advantages they acquired.

Why hiring a lawyer from our law firm will be your best decision for workers comp fraud cases?

California workers compensation fraud case has taken a bigger face in a couple of years. And our team of expert attorneys have the ability handles and argues such cases in which a person is being investigated for criminal worker’s compensation fraud. Whenever an employer or employee thinks that they have been denied worker’s compensation unfairly, they can consult us immediately as we are committed to driving the best solution and developing a convincing case that our client not even can get the victory in the courtroom but also reserve the compensation amount as a big financial help to live their life without any hassle. Further if you have any concern about how to report workers comp fraud then be free to join a free consultation session with us.


Call the workers compensation fraud lawyers at our company if you are being accused of engaging in workers’ compensation in violation of California Insurance Code 1871.4 or Penal Code Sections 549-550. Then, after listening to your case details our attorney starts building a strong defense by investing and collecting all the needed evidence and documents to argue in court additionally to get you the respectful compensation amount. For gaining additional details about our work procedure and a free consultation this is the best moment to connect with us.  Call  Workers’ Compensation Lawyer at (844) 414-1768 to speak with an attorney about your Injury Settlement case at Pistiolas Office.

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