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How to avoid A Spine Injury at Work: Preventing Back Injuries at work

Spine Injury | Spiro K Pistiolas Workers' Comp Attorney

When people think of workplace injuries, they generally think of cuts and broken bones. However, these injuries are not the most common. Spine Injury take the place of the most common type of injuries at work.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the top workplace injuries are – spine injury or back pain, muscular-skeletal problems, repetitive stress injuries, sprains and strains, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

These injuries are not as dramatic or gruesome as others. But they have a colossal impact on the employer and the employee. They can be problematic to recover. They can even take a lot of time away from work and a lot of money out of the company’s bank account.

A spine injury at work is a serious matter. It can be debilitating and life-changing. People should be aware of the risks involved when working in professions that risk a back injury. Here are some shocking statistics regarding spinal injuries at work:

  • Every year, 300,000 Americans sustain a back injury while on the job (OSHA).
  • Roughly half of these injuries will require surgery to be corrected.

As discussed above, spine injuries affect a large number of workers. Bad posture, falls, motor vehicle accidents and fractures can cause these injuries. However, these injuries are preventable if proper precautions are employed.

Types of Spinal Injuries and How to prevent them

Musculoskeletal Spine Injury

Musculoskeletal injuries are the most common type of injury in the workplace. These injuries account for more than 50% of all work-related injuries and can cause pain and disability. Musculoskeletal Spine Injury is a general term for any injury that affects the muscles, ligaments, or tendons in the back. It can be provoked by a sudden twist or fall, overuse of the back muscles at work, or lifting heavy objects.

Musculoskeletal Spine Injuries are common among workers who work in jobs that require repetitive movements of the neck and back. One type of job that can be at risk for this type of injury is a cashier who has to stand for long periods during their shift. Other jobs at risk include construction workers, factory workers and assembly line workers.

Workers with a spine injury or who suffer from chronic low back pain should be aware of their risk of developing a degenerative disease. Though it is not possible to prevent degenerative disc disease, you can take steps to avoid further damage or worsening and slow down the progression of the problem.

  • The first precautionary measure is to avoid lifting heavy objects. This measure can help you in preventing further back injuries. One more option would be to use a step stool for heavy lifting instead of bending down to pick up heavy objects.

  • The second precautionary measure is to maintain a good posture throughout the day by keeping your shoulders back and your stomach tight. Make sure to bend at your knees, not at the waist.

Spine Fractures

Spine fractures are the most common work-related Spine injuries. Nearly 80% of all spine fractures occur on the job. These injuries can cause a great deal of pain and sometimes even permanent injuries. Spine Injuries can happen when someone falls from heights, falls off something, or falls on an object that pierces their back like a piece of metal or wood. Spine fractures can cause long-term physical impairment and disability, as well as significant medical expenses.

Hence, the best way to avoid them is to have a proper Hazard Communication system and use protective gear while working.

If you or your loved one suffers from a spine injury due to a work accident, we advise you to receive proper medical care first. Then contact an experienced Spine Injury Attorney in your area.

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