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What you need to know before applying for a hearing loss claim?

Hearing Loss | Spiro K Pistiolas Workers' comp attorney

Hearing is one of our main senses; it guides us through our lives. Furthermore, our other senses are also dependent on our hearing. Some professions are even solely dependent on our ability to listen. Hence, loss of hearing can have a dire impact on one’s life; it cannot only affect an individual physically but also mentally.

Hearing loss is deemed as a disability, If you lose your hearing completely, it can be covered by Permanent disability benefits. When someone is exposed to noise in a workplace such as an industrial site and loses their hearing, it is beyond repair. If you think your hearing loss is work-related, you need to get a hearing test and then file a workers’ compensation claim to help you get the health care you need. Regardless of your profession, if you have a hearing problem at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation or personal injury compensation.

By filing a workers’ compensation claim against your employer that covers work-related hearing loss, you get two things. You will receive the compensation you need to get medical care that covers your injuries. You will also receive cash compensation to help with your living expenses if you are no longer able to work or need to retrain to get a new job.

How to file a Hearing loss Claim?

If you think your hearing loss may be work related, contact your employer then a workers’ compensation lawyer immediately to review your claim. Depending on where you live, you may have limited time to file a complaint

Even without wasting time or medical expenses, you must report all employment-related situations to your supervisor and file Form CA-1 or Form CA-2. If the employer violates the OSHA rule that caused the injury, the employee can file a workers’ compensation claim and request an OSHA review if the hazardous situation persists after notifying the employer.

Should you consider an attorney?

If you have a workers’ lawyer, your lawyer should meet with you in advance to discuss your application and help you prepare to testify at the hearing. Anyone who suffers from hearing loss due to their work environment is free to contact a California workers’ compensation attorney to learn how to get the benefits they are entitled to.

As the legal procedure can be intimidating for people without the expertise. Hence, it becomes important to consult an experienced Hearing Loss Attorney. Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at Spiro K. Pistiolas Law will help you through the process of claiming benefits, from reporting an injury to filing a claim and appealing a denial, and find out how much you can get. At this hearing, you will need to convince the judge that you are entitled to a certain amount of workers’ compensation by presenting legal arguments and evidence.

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