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Average mild traumatic brain injury settlements in California.

Average mild traumatic brain injury settlements in California. | Pistiolas Law

Sometimes workplace accidents cause unbearable pain and suffering, that leaves the affected worker in a harsh condition of traumatic brain injuries. Be mindful that in such instances workers’ compensation for mild traumatic brain injury settlement is one of the biggest advantages a Californian worker achieves for a workplace accident. The average mild traumatic brain injury settlements in California cover several enticing benefits involving, the recovery of lost wages, medical bills, convenience expenses, attorney fees if the victim raises a lawsuit, and more. As well as initiating a TBI and disability lawsuit with having a bunch of strong proofs, make the victim eligible to enjoy additional perks as well that we are explaining in the blog post. Further if look forward to getting any sort of legal consultation for your TBI claim lawsuit or TBI disability rating scale ensure establishing a direct connection with the traumatic brain injury lawyer at the Law Office of Spiro K Pistiolas.

What legal rights victims are eligible to grab by asking for mild traumatic brain injury settlements in California?

  • Guardianship Costs: If the victim of brain damage is rendered unable to manage their affairs, head injury compensation in the Golden State may include costs for establishing legal guardianship or a caretaker.
  • Home Health Care: TBI and disability require the victims to stay at the hospital for a long which needs more medical expenses and the victims prefer to stay at their home. This is why the workers’ compensation program in California offers in-house medical care coverage that covers costs for in-home nursing care or personal assistance required to help the victim with daily activities and medical needs.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: A person with brain injuries faces more mental distraction which is counted as one of the TBI’s long-term side effects. With such issues, the injured individual is eligible to gain new skills or find alternative employment if unable to return to their previous job under the Labor Code Section 139.5.
  • Useful Technology: This covers the expense of medical equipment that is required to accommodate an injury and enhance a person’s mobility, communication, and capacity to carry out everyday tasks. Examples of this equipment include wheelchairs, hearing aids, and house adaptations.
  • Emotional Distress Damages: It contributes to reducing the mental and emotional distress produced by the traumatic injury incidence, as well as its long-term consequences. These damages are the result of the injury’s psychological effects, such as worry, sadness, and PTSD.

Evaluate the average value of brain injury workers’ comp settlement with the Law Office of Spiro K Pistiolas, a workers’ compensation attorney.

With the Law Office of Spiro K. Pistiolas, the typical amount of a workers’ compensation payout for a brain injury might vary greatly. The mild traumatic brain injury settlements typically surpass $100,000, and in extreme circumstances, they may even approach the millions because of the prolonged medical attention, rehabilitation, and long-term care needed. Our firm’s expert traumatic brain injury lawyers concentrate on maximizing settlements via the use of their vast knowledge and careful case preparation, guaranteeing payment for lost income, medical costs, and disability benefits. We provide easily accessible legal assistance to injured workers throughout California on a contingency fee basis.


The Law Office of Spiro K. Pistiolas offers complete legal counsel and can help you maximize your mild traumatic brain injury settlements if you have a brain injury. Our wealth of knowledge and dedication to obtaining high recompense guarantee payment for medical costs, missed income, and disability benefits. Take the first step toward obtaining the compensation you are due by getting in touch with the traumatic brain injury lawyer right now for a free case review. Contact us at (844) 414-1768 to get a free case evaluation.

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