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Has carpal tunnel syndrome affected you? Contact our Carpal Tunnel Workers Comp Lawyers immediately for a Consultation.

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CTS starts when the median nerve is pinched or pushed at the wrist. The thumb’s palm side, index finger, middle finger, and part of the ring finger are all sensed by the median nerve, which also supplies motor function to a few of the smaller muscles close to the base of the thumb. A painful and even incapacitating condition, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) affects the median nerve, which runs from the forearm to the palm. It is usually induced by repeated motion, although it can also be caused by physical trauma, such as those sustained in a vehicle accident. Every year, thousands of Americans are diagnosed with CTS and the rate of CTS is highest among persons aged 45–54 years, and many have valid compensation claims. Yet, the likelihood of getting any compensation is slim if they don’t have the assistance of an experienced workplace injury attorney. For this reason, anyone with carpal tunnel syndrome ought to contact a skilled, capable workers’ compensation lawyer at the Law Office of Spiro K Pistiolas right once.

Looking for workers’ comp for carpal tunnel injury in California? Know who is eligible!

If an employee’s employment requirements cause carpal tunnel syndrome, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation payments in California. People who work in jobs that need repeated motions or activities are frequently deemed qualified for carpal tunnel syndrome; these include data entry clerks, assembly line workers, and people whose jobs require a lot of computer use. Employees who are hurt on the job or get ill while working are guaranteed rights and benefits under California Labor Code 3200-6002. Relevance to the position and prompt notice to the employer are essential. Getting legal advice from an attorney for workers’ compensation can help ensure just compensation by guiding you through the claim’s procedure.

5 reasons why you hire our carpal tunnel workers comp Lawyers for your CTS claims:

  1. Proficiency in CTS Claims: Our carpal tunnel attorney for workers’ compensation specializes in negotiating the complexity of carpal tunnel syndrome claims, assuring optimum reimbursement for work-related ailments such as wrist discomfort and numbness.
  2. Maximizing Compensation: We understand how to win a carpal tunnel workers’ compensation claim, using our knowledge to achieve disability benefits and compensation for pain and suffering due to repetitive stress injuries.
  3. Proactive Strategies: We offer advice on preventing carpal tunnel syndrome by enhancing workplace ergonomics and minimizing repetitive motion injuries to protect nerves, as well as providing compensation. 
  4. Concise Advocacy: Our attorney for workers’ compensation is aware of the immense misfortune that people who suffer from work-related diseases, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. We provide empathetic advocacy, making sure our clients’ voices get considered in the quest for justice.
  5. Customized Advice: Our carpal tunnel workers’ compensation lawyers specialize in workplace injuries and repetitive stress injuries, tailoring their counsel to the specific requirements of clients filing occupational disease claims. 

Speak to the attorneys at the Law Office of Spiro K Pistiolas, to gain more understanding of pain and suffering claims in California.

If you need clarification on pain and suffering claims in California, contact the Law Office of Spiro K Pistiolas. Our experience in workers’ compensation and personal injury law can give vital insights into understanding the difficulties of pain and suffering damages. Whether you are battling with carpal tunnel syndrome or any other occupational illness, their staff can give specialized advice on maximizing compensation for your physical and mental distress.


The Law Office of Spiro K Pistiolas can provide thorough information on pain and suffering claims for carpal tunnel injuries in California. Our knowledgeable attorneys offer customized advice to optimize your compensation for both physical and psychological suffering, with a focus on carpal tunnel workers’ comp and personal injury lawsuits. Regardless of the type of work injury you sustained at work—carpal tunnel syndrome or another—our team is dedicated to fighting for your rights. Call us at (844) 414-1768 to get more info about carpal tunnel workers’ comp case.

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