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When should you Consult Workers’ Compensation Attorneys for work injury claims in 2024?

Pros of Hiring a California Workers' Compensation Attorney. | Pistiolas

In the Golden State, workers who become injured or sick have a right to obtain monetary aid through a government-mandated program called workers’ compensation. State-specific variances in law are meant to protect workers for firms and associations. As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, private-sector firms stated 2.6 million nonfatal workplace illnesses and injuries in 2021. With these shocking statistics, the nation set a record that year with nearly 349,000 cases of workers’ compensation and work-related injuries.

Workers’ compensation depends on a clear concept. Firms must provide workers’ compensation to associated full-time employees when they suffer an injury as an outcome of a workplace accident. Payment for both small and significant injuries is typically rather simple. You may receive the compensation settlement on your own if you are well-versed in the applicable state laws, your legal rights under them, and how to handle dealing with the insurance company. However, in some cases, interacting with qualified workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law Office of Spiro K Pistiolas can become important to legally resolving the matter in California.  

When should you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer? Here are the 5 situations:

  1. The injury at work is denied by the employer or their insurer
    This might happen if an injury sustained at work goes unreported or gets worse while working. Certain insurance companies will reject a claim even if the injury or condition was disclosed. 
  2. When you must appear in court for a workers’ compensation trial
    Hearings for workers’ compensation might not always be required. If the insurance provider declines to cooperate or offers a low payment, you will have to support your claim and establish your case at a workers’ compensation hearing by consulting with a workplace injury lawyer.
  3. When the compensation amount is insufficient
    If the settlement offer doesn’t appear substantial, it’s probably because insurance companies want to keep expenses as low as possible. Obtaining legal counsel facilitates evaluating the offer’s fairness. Recall that adjusters frequently undervalue. Speak with the Workers’ Compensation Attorneys to learn about your alternatives and make sure your claim is fairly rewarded.
  4. When the claim gets denied by the insurer
    It’s not always simple to identify the evidence you need to collect to support your claims. Insurance companies frequently refuse to grant you the ability to get medical reports to support your claims. A judge may need to mandate the assessments and compel the insurance provider to cover the costs. 
  5. When to file a discrimination case for making a claim
    Labor laws in California forbid companies from engaging in illegal discrimination against workers who suffer injuries at work. Employers who disobey this rule risk facing legal and criminal fines for their actions. In addition, insurance firms risk criminal and civil fines if they threaten to cancel coverage or increase premiums to coerce employers to fire an employee due to a claim.

What does the Law Office of Spiro K Pistiolas, a workers’ compensation attorney do for you? 

The Law Office of Spiro K Pistiolas’ workers’ compensation attorneys are committed to helping clients navigate the complicated world of workers’ compensation laws. Our team of skilled attorneys for workplace injuries is prepared to help you, whether your goals are disability benefits, health insurance, or recompense for missed income. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are committed to getting the best outcome for your case; our workers’ comp attorneys will go above and beyond to understand workplace injury laws, negotiate settlements, and provide trial representation for our clients. 


If you had an injury at work, you may be in discomfort or experiencing a great deal of stress due to your circumstances, which include unpaid expenses and workers’ compensation claims. Our workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law Office of Spiro K Pistiolas go above and beyond to give our clients the highest caliber of legal services. Get in touch with us at (844) 414-1768 for a private assessment of your situation.

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