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What To Do If I Am Unable To Work Because Of Occupational Diseases?

Due to diseases contracted in the workplace, millions of people all over the world are unable to hold down a job. Exposure to potentially harmful substances or conditions in the working environment is the root cause of occupational diseases. In some instances, they can result in a long-lasting disability or even death.

The hopeful news is that laws protect workers from the risks involved in these situations. If you are unable to work as a result of a disease that is caused by your job, you may be eligible for compensation from your employer. This article overviews occupational diseases, their symptoms, and what steps you can take if you think you may be suffering from one of them.

What is An Occupational Disease?

A condition that lasts for a long time and is brought on by exposure to potentially harmful elements at work is an occupational disease. Exposure to chemicals, dust, or other toxins, among other things, can contribute to the development of occupational diseases. Repetitive motions or poor ergonomics can occasionally lead to an illness that can be attributed to a person’s job. Workers in any industry are susceptible to developing occupational diseases; however, certain professions carry a greater risk than others.

A wide range of options is available for the prevention of occupational diseases:

  • Eliminating exposure to the potentially hazardous conditions that are responsible for causing the disease is the most effective method.
  • Occasionally, this may necessitate the utilization of personal protective equipment, such as face masks and gloves.
  • In other circumstances, it might entail reorganizing workstations in order to achieve better ergonomics.

Workers and their families are susceptible to experiencing significant hardships due to occupational diseases. In addition to suffering its apparent physical effects, workers who are afflicted with the disease may also struggle monetarily as a result of lost wages and mounting medical expenses.

How Can an Occupational Disease Impact Your Ability to Work?

The ability to continue working after being diagnosed with a work-related illness can be significantly hindered. In addition to the disease’s effects on your body, you may also find yourself in a difficult financial situation.

A significant emotional toll may also be taken as a result of an occupational disease because you may feel unable to perform your usual responsibilities at work. In extreme circumstances, you might even be compelled to retire earlier than you had planned.

What Should You Do If You Are Diagnosed with An Occupational Disease?

It is imperative that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible after being diagnosed with an occupational disease and that you inform your employer about your condition. It is highly recommended that you seek the advice of an experienced workers’ comp lawyer who is able to explain your legal rights and options. Workers who have been diagnosed with an occupational disease may be eligible to receive benefits under workers’ compensation, disability benefits, or other types of financial assistance.

You need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible if you have been diagnosed with an occupational disease, and you also need to inform your employer of your diagnosis. You ought to also consider submitting a claim for workers’ compensation. You may be eligible for workers’ comp, which can assist you in recovering lost wages and paying for medical expenses. It’s possible that doing so will also benefit your family in certain circumstances.


You might be able to file a claim for workers’ compensation if you’ve been diagnosed with a disease caused by your job. This can assist you in obtaining the benefits and compensation you require to cover the costs of your treatment as well as the wages you have lost.

The process of filing a claim for workers’ compensation can be complicated. Still, the knowledgeable team at Pistiolas Law can assist you in navigating the system and obtaining the compensation you are entitled to. We have a demonstrated history of success in the management of workers’ compensation claims, and we are able to assist you in obtaining the settlement you require to recover from the occupational disease you have been diagnosed with.

Call us at the number (844) 414-1768 right away if you have any reason to believe that you may be suffering from an occupational disease. We will be happy to discuss the ways in which we can assist you in submitting a claim for workers’ compensation.

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