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Why and How You Should Document Your Workplace Injuries

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If you are injured on the job, it is imperative that you document your injuries immediately. By recording the details of your injury as soon as possible, while they are still fresh in your mind, you will be able to obtain the most factually precise account of the events preceding and following your injury. Depending on the nature of your injury and the circumstances, your employer may provide you with an injury report as your first opportunity to document your injuries. In other instances, you may need immediate medical attention, and the first documentation of your Workplace Injury will be what you tell the doctor and other medical personnel.

If you have been injured on the job, you must hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney immediately. Law Office of Spiro K Pistiolas is here to help you fight for the benefits to which you are entitled. We have successfully handled a wide variety of workers’ compensation cases over many years.

Why You Should Document Your Work Injuries?

After sustaining a work-related injury, your top priority is to receive prompt medical care. The chart notes made by your treating physicians and other care providers are considered evidence in your case, so it is crucial that you tell your doctors precisely what transpired at the time of your injury and make sure to mention each injured body part.

There have been instances in which an injured worker complained of pain in one area of the body even though they also experienced pain elsewhere. Still, they were too focused on the primary source of their pain during their initial doctor visits. This can lead to complications in a workers’ compensation claim, especially if the unmentioned body part is the actual cause of the injury. For instance, if an injured worker seeks medical treatment for an injury and tells the doctor that their neck hurts, it could complicate matters if a shoulder injury is later determined to be the actual cause of the problem. In this scenario, the injured worker could avoid disputes over medical care and an argument or denial of their entire case by documenting their symptoms accurately from the outset.

It is essential to document every aspect of your workplace injury. This includes not only how the injury occurred but also who witnessed it, a comprehensive list of your symptoms, and each body part that may be affected by this injury. This is beneficial for your case and your doctors, who will have an easier time diagnosing and treating your condition if they have all of the pertinent information readily available.

How You Should Document Your Workplace Injury?

When you get medical treatment, give your doctors a detailed account of your injury and symptoms. You can document your injuries to reduce case complications. You may be asked to fill out an injury report form after reporting a work injury to your employer. Here, you should be as specific as possible about the incident. If you have an attorney, have them review the incident report before you give it to your employer. So, you can ensure the report includes all necessary information.

Write down your injuries for future reference. Write down as much as you can remember about the incident, including where, when, what you were doing, and who was there. Document the date, name, and title of the person you reported your injury. Tell a supervisor or manager about your injury. Your notes should include any damages and symptoms.


If you have sustained a workplace injury, you may be able to recover benefits that get designed to cover your medical costs and associated expenses. If you are filing for workers’ compensation, contact our experienced lawyers at Pistiolas Law (844) 414-1768), who can help you to get the benefits you rightfully deserve.

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